The Boston Red Sox just got a ringing endorsement about how good they are from an unlikely source. 

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman, while a guest on a New York radio show acknowledged that at this point are not as good as the Red Sox.  Here is the full exchange.

New York radio host Mike Francesa: "When you look at this [Yankees] team right now, on paper, before you make a move for a pitcher and clearly you will ... who’s a better team this morning on paper, Yankees or the Red Sox in your mind?"

Cashman: "Red Sox."

Francesa: "I think that’s fair because the Yankees are going to get a pitcher."

Cashman: "We have a better bullpen. We both have comparable position players to run out there, you might want to give us the nod, you want to give them the nod, it doesn’t necessarily matter. Their starting pitching ... they’ve got guys they can run one through six and I’m looking for a fourth."

Francesa’s certainty that the Yankees are going to get a pitcher is comical.  By all accounts they were the front runner for top free agent pitcher Cliff Lee until the Phillies came out of nowhere.  The future of Andy Pettitte is still uncertain and the recent signing of Bartolo Colon is awesome, if your a Sox fan.  I don’t know where they will be turning next.

"The biggest problem we have right now is I need a starting pitcher," Cashman said. "Everybody knows that. I'm going to work on trying to get that. It might come from someone who has decided right now they don’t want to play, it might come from a trade, it might come from within. Time will tell."

One thing is for certain, if George Steinbrenner were still alive no Boston praise would be coming from the Bronx.