Last week New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman, while on a New York port talk radio station, said that the Boston Red Sox were the better team heading into next year.  This week it was the Red Sox top brass who had comments to make regarding baseballs best rivalry.

Red Sox chairman Tom Werner, President and chief executive officer Larry Lucchino and General Manager Theo Epstein all responded to Cashman’s comments in an article for Gordon Edes.

“I don't know, that might just be reverse psychology,” Werner said. “They’re a tough team. We’re very excited about our season, but you should never take the Yankees lightly.'”

“You know, Cashman is a very honest, forthright guy, but he's also not above playing games,” Lucchino said. “[The Yankees are] always the favorite. C’mon, they're the New York Yankees, they're in the biggest market in the world.

“We’re happy to be those guys they worry about looking over their shoulder. I don't know, if it was anyone but Cashman I’d say there was some gamesmanship in it, but in this case I think he was saying something he believes. I hope he has respect for us because we have plenty of it for them.”

Epstein added, “Anything GMs say at this time of year is purely for your [reporters’] benefit to fill space. I don't think a lot about what I say, he probably doesn't think a lot about what he says, it’s all just to make sure you guys get to work 12 months out of the year.”

Back and forth between there to clubs is nothing new but I have to agree with Epsteins comments that anything said this time of year is basically no substance filler for baseball beat writers but its nice to hear.  Last season was so boring that for most of the second half I tuned out.  The revolving door of a roster made it difficult for general fans to remain excited.

The high profile additions of Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford was already enough for me to get excites but add in small jabs between the Red Sox and Yankees and I may actually start counting down the days until pitchers and catchers report.