Last week all Red Sox nation had was a wish list for general manager Theo Epstein and the rest of the Sox brass to consider at the annual Winter Meetings, now we have a few early Christmas present.

On Monday, right before the Winter Meetings opened up, the Sox introduced newly acquired first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and then last night it was announced that free agent outfielder Carl Crawford has agreed to a 7 year, $142 million dollar deal.

The signing of Crawford by the Red Sox seems to have come out of nowhere.  Once Jayson Werth signed a 7 year, $126 millon deal with the Washington Nationals, the bar was set for Crawford and most people wrote off the Red Sox as a contender because of the high asking price, particularly the years.  The looming contract to Cliff Lee was also sighted as a reason Crawford would not sign as he was a plan B for teams like the New York Yankees who are in the running for the high profile pitcher.

As of yesterday at 10 p.m. all reports had Epstein quoted as saying there was nothing news worthy to talk about.  One of the teaser stories for the 11:30 p.m. EST episode of Sportscenter last night was Crawford possibly signing with the Los Angeles Angels.  30 minutes later Crawford was a Red Sox.

While it’s still unknown where they will hit in the line-up, the additions of Crawford and Gonzalez give the Red Sox have one of the most dangerous 1-9 in baseball.  From speed with Crawford and Ellsbury, to power with Gonzalez and Ortiz to all around hitters in Pedroia, Youkilis and Drew, there is very little that the Red Sox can’t do offensively.

There are complaints that the lineup is far too left handed and while I would agree, when you consider the names of the lefties in the starting nine, I’m not concerned.  The Sox didn’t add two random left-handers, but two of the best in the game.

It seems the Red Sox are not done.  There is talk about interest in catcher Russell Martin (not sure why) and they definitely need more bullpen help. 

And as far as all the complaints that we have become the Yankees, just buying players, you can look at the numbers and the payrolls from last years and this year are not too different, but honestly who cares.  You still need to play the games and anything can happen.  Who predicted last years World Series would be Giants and Rangers?  Oh you did...liar. 

I for one am now officially looking in to when pitchers and catchers  report.