A day of great controversy has come and gone in Boston and both side of the argument are clearly decided.  The line has been drawn in the sand with neither side willing to bend even an inch.  Its an issue with history that will be around for years to come.  Truck Day at Fenway has arrived.

If your not aware, Truck Day is when a large tractor trailer truck carrying all the supplies and equipment that the Boston Red Sox will need during Spring Training.  Its covered by every media outlet in Boston, small crowds form to watch the truck pull out, mentioned in status updates by everyone you are friends with in the online social network like facebook and twitter and everyone has an strong opinion on what it means.

For the die hard members of Red Sox nation, Truck Day is the beginning.  We are days away from Baseball.  Green grass, brown dirt, blue skies and red shirts.  Its the unofficial end of Winter and the start of Spring.  The sins of the past season are forgotten, hope based on the offseason moves is intensified and people only thing of the future.

For any Boston sports fan, Truck Day can also help ease the pain caused by the rest of the Boston teams.  Whether its a heartbreaking end to the Patriots season (fuck you Rex Ryan) or down years for the Celtics and Bruins (luckily not this year), Truck Day offers a fresh start and the rose covered glasses firmly placed on everyones nose.

Then there is the other side of the coin.  The cynical opposition that thinks the whole thing is dumb.  For every “Happy truck day” facebook post are several responses that say “enjoy watching the trucks in the cold with the homeless.”  They believe its a meaningless day.  Pitchers and catchers reporting, sure, first Spring Training game, of course, trucks leaving Fenway to drive to Florida, nope.

They point to the corporate sponsorship on the truck and crazy people who show up early to watch them leave, as reasons why its wrong and completely unnecessary to get excited about it.  Why are you excited anyway, its a truck filled with baseballs, bats, gloves and tape.  There are no players there.  David Ortiz is not in the truck waving to fans, only his bat is.

I fully admit that I love Truck Day.  Was I standing out in the cold clapping as the trucks pulled out, no.  Am I going to be following the trucks online, no.  But did I watch all the coverage and feel like a little kid again and get giddy, yes.

If your a baseball fan its impossible to not get excited about truck day.  This is when the season starts.  Up until now its all talk.  Who did we sign, what will the line-up be, why didn’t we trade for player A or get rid of player B.  ESPN just ran a “Top 10 questions for next year” piece about the Red Sox.  The trucks leaving is the first physical start of the season.

I understand all of the naysayers and agree that the whole event is a bit on the corny side but it’s fun.  I love it for what it symbolizes.  With Boston buried in snow watching the trucks leave is great on so many levels.  It means baseball, warmer weather, Summer and so much more.

Regardless of what you feel about truck day one thing you can’t help but get excited about is four days until pitchers and catchers report.