There really is no way to easily start this so here are some stats.

14-18 record

Last in the AL East

12th in the American League

24th in all of Major League Baseball

Below league average in:

Team batting - .247 (17th)

Homeruns - 26 (20th)

Runs scored - 129 (16th)

Hits - 262 (15th)

Slugging - .384 (19th)

Team ERA - 4.34 (23rd)

Last Three games

3-5 loss to the Angles, after seven plus hours (home game ended at 2:45 am)

0-11 loss to the Angles

2-9 loss to the twins

While you look at those and take them in, consider that they are an improvement from where they were a few weeks ago.  Scary thought.

If you had told me before the season started that the Red Sox would be this bad in May I never would have believed you.  Granted I didn’t buy into the “Greatest Team Ever” hype that other media outlets had bestowed upon them, I didn’t expect them to struggle like this.  No one did.

Pitching and offensive struggles happen, but never at the same time and this badly for a team with this much talent.  The new guys have taken much longer than expected to gel and the rotation hasn’t lived up to promise.

The worst part is as a fan you have no idea what team you are getting from game to game.  They have looked unbeatable at times and followed it up by looking like the worst team is baseball.  They are not living up to the hype.

With the exception of Jon Lester, there is not a single player on this team I have faith in.  I feel like I’m just closing my eye sand hoping for the best.

Despite all this, they are only five games behind the Yankees for first place in the AL East and they should be a factor come September.  There is hope but without some consistency it's not happening.

The only reason I haven’t been freaking out over all this is because the Bruins are making a deep run in the Stanley Cup playoffs (Bring on Tampa Bay baby) and the Celtics are fighting against the ultimate team douches otherwise known as the Miami Heat, in the NBA playoffs.  If they don’t shape up though, this will be a rough season.