One of the most stressful jobs in all of Baseball is manager of the Boston Red Sox and Terry Francona excels at it.  So much so that multiple sources are saying the club intends to pick up their two, year options worth $4.5 million.  Unfortunately thats not true...yet.

At the end of this current contract (with options picked up) Francona will have been the Red Sox manager for 10 season, three away from Joe Cronin’s franchise long of 13 seasons.

Francona called in to WEEI and denied that he has been extended.  Despite the rumors he said he was comfortable with his current contract status but didn’t know where the report had come from.

When I heard the Sox had extended Francona I was thrilled and as far as I’m concerned Francona should stay in the Red Sox dugout for as long as he wants.  He has led the Red Sox to two World Series titles, handled a harsh Boston media, appeased a rabid hardcore fan base and had fun while doing it.

There have never been those major “what was he thinking?” moments.  No Grady Little, fire him now screw ups.  There are those times when he is a bit too loyal to struggling players but it always seems to work out.

Also by making a move now Francona and the Red Sox avoid a season long of “what’s your future” and “will you have Tito back” questions.

Please get this done sooner rather then later